Production areas of LLC "Lux TRANS" - production of concrete products

Production areas of LLC


Land property title, total area

Production areas of LLC “Lux TRANS” - production of concrete products

Location Google Maps coordinates:

49.04262, 24.33607


LLC “Lux TRANS”, private property; +380503386288

Target usage

Industrial production

Distance to the gas pipeline connection point (capacity m3 / h))

Is not available, but there is a possibility of connection (gas pipeline is 10 m from the site)

Distance to the point of connection to the water supply (capacity m3 / h))

Technical water

Distance to the point of connection to the drainage system

Is available

Distance to the connection point of electricity (power))

100 kW

Renting and sale availability:

Rent, sale

Length (m) / Width (m) / Height (m) Area (sq.m.) of the main unit:

Length (110m) Width (45m) Height (4,5м) Area (4.95 thousand sq.m.)

Distance to the hard cover road/ highway

Distance to the highway N-10 Stryi - Ivano-Frankivsk - Chernivtsi - 6 km

Distance to the airport

Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport -38 km

Distance to the nearest railway track / loading station (km)

6 km to “Kalush” cargo station