How to start business in Ukraine

The process of starting a business in Ukraine and starting a business is not as difficult as Ukraine is in the Doing Business international rankings. We offer a simple action algorithm - a step-by-step guide to starting a business in Ukraine and starting a business.


On the Company:

• the name of the Company (available at the time of registration);
• the size of the authorized capital;
• distribution of shares in monetary (percentage) equivalent if the founders are more than one;
• location of the Company;
• the head / director of the legal entity (name, passport data, place of registration, index, identification code);
• economic activities (according to the Code of the types of Economic Activity);
On the founders:
• last name, first name, patronymic, passport data, place of registration, index, identification code, amount of contribution to the authorized capital.
If the founder of the newly formed Company is the legal entity, then the protocol of creation of the Company is additionally required from the founding legal entity ; If the founder of the newly formed Company is a foreign legal entity, then the founding foreign legal entity is additionally required to have a notarized translation of the excerpt from the register of the country of residence and a power of attorney for representation to create a new Company for its representative; If the founder is an individual foreigner, to become a founder of the Company it is necessary  to obtain a registration card of the taxpayer in the tax authority.



Protocol on creation of the Company;
Application on the registration.

 Step 3. notary:

Notarial certification of signatures of the founders of the Company on the institutional documents;
Submission of documents for registration of the Company.

Step 4. making a seal.


Step 5. state fiscal service authorities.

Submission of documents to tax authorities for registration of the tax system chosen by the founders;

Submission to the tax authorities of the notification of hiring of an employee (director). 

Step 6. opening of the bank account of company.

Step 7. start of the activity.


Package of documents following the registration:


• the Statute;

• Protocol of the founding meeting of the founders;

• Order appointing a director;

• Seal;

• Extract from the register of single tax payers / VAT;

• Notification of hiring an employee (Director) with a note of receipt of the State Tax Inspectorate.

It takes up to 10 days to complete all steps.


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