Establishing partnership relations. Ukraine-Finland-Sweden!

Establishing partnership relations. Ukraine-Finland-Sweden!

      Ukraine-Finland-Sweden! Kalush-Lohya-Vekšio!
      Only "Kalush orchestra" handed over the baton to the winner of the Eurovision song contest to Sweden, and today we already talked to the representatives of this country.
      On May 15, an online meeting was held with representatives of the municipalities of Lohja (Finland) and Växjö (Sweden).
     The main purpose of the meeting is to establish partnership relations with the aim of further cooperation in the economic, cultural, educational, etc. areas. They outlined the issues and priority areas of community activity and development.
      The representatives of Sweden and Finland expressed their sympathy and support to the Ukrainian people because of the war started by Russia. After all, refugees from Ukraine, who receive help from other countries, live in Lokhia and Vekšio today.
      The three parties expressed their desire for further cooperation. Kalush received an invitation to join the forum that will be held in June in Stockholm, to present his experience in international relations, as well as to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the founding of the city of Lohja, to get acquainted with the features of effective activities to create a more stable and sustainable future in the community.
      Thanks to the Association of Cities of Ukraine, thanks to which it became possible to start our cooperation with two more European cities, which in the future, I hope, will become our partners.

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