"Olvud" LLC, relocated to the community, is developing its capacities


    "Olvud" LLC is another organization that relocated to the Kalush community and is developing its facilities here. Recently, they inspected the production, talked with its director, Dmytro Shterenberg.
    The company started manufacturing doors in Dergachy, Kharkiv region, in 1996. Since the beginning of the war, the production buildings were damaged (there were three of them), so a decision was made to move them in June. In September, Olvud was already in Kalush. However, there was a problem with the equipment that was destroyed by the occupiers. After ordering it in Europe, it took time for its delivery. A master from Italy came to adjust. And since February of this year, they have only started production. Now up to 5,000 units are produced per month, which is half as much as before the war.
      Today, the enterprise occupies two production areas: in one, components are manufactured, in the other - the doors themselves, which are good - notes director Dmytro Oleksiyovych. And indeed, the product is of high quality, because up to 70% is exported, before the war it was 40%. Currently, 90 workers are involved in production, 55 of them have moved from Kharkiv, because the process is automated, and training a new employee will take a long time. The rest are residents of our community. In the near future, they are planning to expand production and there will be new vacancies.
      The war changed the lives of many. "Olvud" LLC (trademark "Papa Carlo") continues to work, manufacturing quality goods, having resumed its activity almost from scratch.
      Maintaining the economic front is important.

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